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PR management

Sector: Food
Area: Purchasing/Administrative dept.
Size: medium business – multinational group
Issue: management of a complex purchase request process with multiple levels of signature, and a series of IFs defined by Cost Centers and values of the PR itself. In this case, it was also necessary to implement a digitized management of interactions with external subjects that often work on the move.
No trackability of workflows, no blockings on the process, time wasted on low value-added activities.
Implemented solution: BPM
As of today, this process is carried out through BPM, which manages the workflow on signature levels and integrates with SAM ERP2 (orders are BLOCKED COMPLETELY when a process is being carried out). The username, signature date and time of the BPM process are printed out on Purchase Orders from SAM ERP2. A pivot table on Excel runs a query on ALL purchase orders, including the ones related to the process. This table contains filterable fields such as username, date, time, signature and other info regarding the processes.

Management of company’s vehicle fleet

Sector: Private security services
Area: purchasing/administrative dept.
Dimensione: large business
Issue: management of vehicle fleet, one of the most relevant items of expense for a client that has to merge information coming from different users, the ERP system and other applications. The clients can perceive the loss of efficiency that stems from the lack of control over the information, but cannot measure it or solve it.
Implemented solutionBPM

  1. Entry of request
    • the person in charge of the vehicle fleet (area or branch) can enter intervention requests for vehicles;
    • the system is connected to SAM (for suppliers, items, price lists) and with their license plate management system.
  2. Approval of request
    • if the amount of the request exceeds a certain amount or if the intervention is ‘overtime’, approval of the purchasing dept. is required.
  3. Order to supplier:
    • once the request has been approved, a ‘Intervention order’ mail is sent directly to the supplier, who in turn will confirm its reception and attach the confirmation email to a quotation.
  4. Receiving and unlocking of payment deadline
    • once the intervention has been concluded, the invoice must be submitted. When the user who requested the invoice opens it, the deadline payment is unlocked on the ERP.

Management of tenders

  • management of tenders from the decision whether to participate or not to the potential awarding of the tender or judicial recourses;
  • tracking the progress status of every tender e planning of following activities;
  • flexible tool to monitor all activities and documents of tenders, at there might be numerous tenders for a prolonged period of time;
  • BPM is a useful tool as it collects all tender data, documents, completed and to-be-carried out activities, and history of events;
  • it is accessible even from web and mobile for external activities (opening of envelopes, analysis of competitors, etc.)
  1. The process starts with the entry of a new opportunity of tender (tender department). The tender is identified through the necessary information (e.g. contracting entity, tender identification code, etc.)
  2. Management decides whether to participate; if not, the reason is archived;
  3. If the management decides to participate, the tasks are planned, and therefore distributed and assigned:
    • technical part
    • administration part
    • financial bid
  4. The file is approved by the company owners;
  5. The documentation is sent to the contracting entity;
  6. Management of opening of envelopes (the official procurement is assigned via letter);
  7. It was planned to enter the data of the competitors (e.g. prices, general conditions) through mobile/web app during the opening of the envelopes;
  8. The outcome of the tender is registered;
  9. At this point, different scenarios are possible:
    • tender not awarded ==> no judicial recourses;
    • tender not awarded ==> judicial recourse (management of deadlines);
    • tender officially awarded;
    • tender temporarily awarded (management of deadlines);
  10. Signature and archiving of official agreement.

  11. The various steps contain documents that are to be archived or reviewed depending on the case. When the tender is awarded to the company, the ‘STARTUP’ process, which contains internal activities, can start to start carrying out the activities included in the tender.

    The STARTUP process consists in a series of activities that have to be carried out between the start of the contract and the post-sales processes:
  • Analysis of requests;
  • Procurement of necessary equipment;
  • Hiring of necessary staff or handover of activities (when sub-contracting to another company);
  • Assignment of account in charge of activities;
  • Entry of contract in the system.

Post-sales activities include:

  • Scheduling of periodic visits and audits;
  • Expiration of contract

The STARTUP process can start indipendently from a tender; for private clients it results from a regular sale activity.

Management of ‘New product’ workflow

Sector: Automotive
Area: R&D Production
Size: Medium business
Certifications: Quality management system IATF 16946: 2016 – Quality management system ISO 9001:2015
Needs: Control and management of ‘new product’ process compliant to procedures of the quality management system. The business needs to improve the responsiveness of the process and its compliance to voluntary standards. Manual management of steps. No monitoring. Manual update of activity schedule. Efficiency problems can be perceived but not measured or identified. Problems in training the resources involved in complex processes.
Implemented solution: BPM
With BPM the entire workflow is managed through the log of activities as laid down in the quality standards. It is also possible to measure the data and produce KPIs.

Management of Sale Order documents

Sector: Sewage treatment plant
Area: Commercial/Production/R&D
Dimensione: Medium company
Needs: The number of documents related to the sale order is very vast, managed over the course of multiple years. Each document has a paper and a digital copy on the file system, which causes storage problems and difficulties in retrieving information.
Implemented solution: Globe
The folders of the plant have been created within Globe to collect all documents related to each sale order. When a sale order is opened in SAM, Globe generates the main screen of the folder, which will be associated with other documents: sale order of reference, purchase orders, data sheets, use manuals. The documents related to the plant can be easily added in Globe through actions. Globe also allows to generate serial numbers for components or maintenance work for a specific plant. The serial number will be automatically imported in SAM too. All the documents thus entered are grouped in dossers according to clients, sale orders, users and serial numbers, thereby making searching and accessing documents much easier.

Management of vacation requests, leave of absence, work trips and expense reports

Sector: Electronic/Telecommunications
Area: HR/Administrative dept.
Size: Medium company
Needs: A completely structured workflow for personnel management. The number of employees does not justify a separate application, but the administrative department struggles to manage personnel without a dedicated workflow.
Implemented solution: Globe
Entry of work trip/vacation/leave of absence requests through Globe, with automatic update of dataview for vacation plans. Entry of expense reports for work trips and any related document. Checking of expenses entered by the administrative department and generation of summary of expense reports.

Management of Covid questionnaires

Sector: Commercial/Fashion
Area: HR/Workplace safety
Size: Large company
Needs: Collecting important information about the state of health of employees during Covid-19 to in order to allow returning to work in absolute safety. Collecting sensitive data inn full compliance with privacy regulations and the GDPR.
Implemented solution: Globe
The Globe functions that have been implemented are the following:

  • Workflow enging for defining and managing all workflow steps
  • Generation and automatic submission of notifications via email
  • Automatic generation of PDF documents
  • Collection of information through forms
  • Globe web portal, accessible both from desktop and mobile
  • Integration with other company software

The procedure has been configured and customized within Globe by implementing a workflow that allows to verify the state of health of employees in full compliance with privacy regulations, and to work with the HR department, the employees and the designated physician through automatic procedures.


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