The architecture of the application is structured on three levels:

video BPM

BPM Client and Web Client

Application Server

Database SQL Server

Client Architecture

Clients are ‘traditional’ applications to be run on a Windows operating systems. Through the client it is possible to manage all the design and configuration functions. Operating functions are also available to launch processes, organize the to do list, run research and carry out administration functions.

A web client can be used remotely or from other locations worldwide. Web clients are designed as SPAs (Single Page Application) with similar response time and experience to the traditional client.
Processes defined through BPM can be carried out in the exact same way both from traditional and web client: any tasks carried out through the designer only need to be carried out once and can be used in both environments.

Application server / Engine Architecture

The application server consists in a service that is usually installed and run on servers with a Windows operating system.

The application server includes the following components:

  • Engine: it coordinates the processes
  • Web/API Server: this component is necessary to execute the web parts and interfaces through web services
  • Service for sending/receiving of emails
  • Service for acquiring documents (from scanner)

From the server it is also possible to update the application (all clients will be updated automatically on the next access).

Database SQL Server

The Database SQL Server is the repository of all data and documents related to processes in progress. The database contains all the progress statuses of all processes (in progress and completed), variables, research, dashboards and documents.



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