The system provides integration solutions with external systems.

1. Active access to external systems to retrieve information

The forms may need to seek external data. Through the use of specific connectors (‘table’ connectors), BPM accesses and retrieves data from external systems. These data are then made available along with all process variables. It is possible to use SQL connections (ODBC, OLE DB, other databases) or REST Web Services. For example, it is possible to use the basic databases of the company (items, clients, suppliers, etc.) or to retrieve info from orders, invoices, offers, etc.

2. Return of information to external systems

While carrying out processes, external systems are retrieved, update procedures are activated and actions are carried out (‘action’ connectors).
It is possible to use SQL connections (entry in border tables, launching of stored procedure) or REST Web Services.
E.g.: generation or approval of documents (orders, invoices, etc.)

3. Reference to BPM from external systems

BPM can work as an input waiting status for external systems to start processes, carry out activities, update data.
This function can be used through border tables (BPM) and web services provided by BPM.
E.g.: start BPM automatically when a specific document type is entered (e.g. offers).


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