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TO DO List

The TO DO List is the operating tool to navigate users, work groups and/or people in charge. The TO DO List contains all the activities to be carried out with the requested actions and deadlines.

Depending on the case, it is possible to start, assign or delegate the activities, as well as checking priorities and deadlines. From the to do list, it is possible to access processes and progress status and to view all process data and documents.

By applying filters, it is possible to only view completed activities, activities in progress, expiring activities, etc.
Users can view their own activities and those assigned to the groups they belong to. The people in charge can see, assign and check all employee’s activities.

When an activity is moved, the general planning of the process is affected, therefore every variation and its consequences can be assessed and verified.
The To Do List calendar can be integrated through ‘iCal’ to be used in Outlook or from mobile devices.



This function allows to plan tasks (Gantt) with completion forecasts, deadlines and monitoring of the progress status.

The planning function is integrated with the to do list and with the procedures to carry out processes. The system is always up to date with the last updates.

Dashboard (Monitoring, statistics and KPIs)

This function shows the status of the activities. It stores the history of every task: what activity has been carried out, by whom and when. It allows to draw up statistics and provides all the necessary data, like time and efficiency measurements, to obtain customized KPIs.


Through this function it is possible to monitor the processes in progress (e.g. activity status) or the history of the processes (e.g. monitoring of execution time, choke points, etc.)

Document management

This function acquires and manages documents specifically used by the organization, in addition to documents of external origin that are relevant to the processes. It creates and manages the document repository, thus halving search and processing times and implementation costs.


The integration with Office programs allows to create models that can be imported in the process upon request. The documents can be filled out with process variables, thereby solving issues related to creating and filling out forms.

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