Process Designer

The Process Designer oversees the surveying and mapping of processes, drawing upon the most widely used file formats (excel, word, pdf, dwg, SAMERP2 tables, etc.), and configures processes for optimum operations: users, profiles, permissions, conditions for switching from one task to another, signatures, time.

Mapping of processes

This function uses an easy-to-understand flow chart to show the phases of the process (what), the appointed users or groups (who), duration (when) and the conditions for switching from one task to another.

It includes a drawing area where activities or objects can be dragged and dropped (activities, sending of emails, submission of data to external programs, launching of related processes, etc.)

FORM Designer

The form designer can describe data and documents managed by the process phases. Each phase and each activity of the process are characterized by incoming and outgoing data and documents. It is possible to place information into a form by dragging and dropping it in the designer.

This way, all the strictly necessary information can be made immediately available to all appointed users and groups, without them having to search for it.

You can retrieve available external information with no efforts. If information is not available in external systems (management / ERP systems) it is possible to support the management of processes with the help of BPM.
Validation rules, along with simple or complex checks can be defined according to your business’ needs.

The data of the form designer represent the database of the processes. All available fields can be used and searched for.

Process variables

Variables represent the data that mark the execution of each process. Each process has input and output data that must be entered or defined during their execution.

Variables can be entered by users or can be inherited from ERP systems: nevertheless, they must be defined during the process design procedure.


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