User Management

BPM uses specifically created users. The ADMIN user, who has unlimited authorizations, is generated by default. Besides the admin, it is possible to create single users or ‘groups’, which consist in generic users that group single users.

It is also possible to set INACTIVE users; this prevents activities from being delegated to such users or this type of users from being set as ‘Owners’ of the process or other items. The search by user function remains active in order to make it possible to view all the activities or processes of inactive users.

Users can be associated to more than one group. It is possible to add users to groups directly from the group settings.

It is possible to assign functions to users of a group and define whether they are administrators of the group or just regular users. Administrators are authorized to see both the group activities and the single users’ activities from the Home Page. On the other hand, non-admin users can only see their own activities or group activities.

If an email address is entered, users will automatically receive emails addressed either to them or to their group. However, it is possible to define whether users are to receive emails for the entire group or just their own.

It is possible to enable or disable specific functions of the application for each user or group by opening the editing mode of the user or group and clicking on ‘Enable’ or ‘Disable’ with the right button of the mouse for each single function. Disabled functions are marked with a specific symbol and with the info on what level the function has been disabled.


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