Business Process Modeler - BPM

BPM enables you to quickly design organizational flows, models, rules and operating procedures, which is essential not only for companies that seek to consolidate and certify business processes, but also for businesses that are always on the look-out for maximum productivity and optimal organization.

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Application scenarios

The potential practical applications of BPM are endless. BPM, the software for planning and controlling company workflows, can be applied to any type of process, both in manufacturing and service companies. It is an essential tool for businesses that not only wish to consolidate or certify company procedures, but also strive for maximum productivity and organizational efficiency.

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Product Overview

With BPM (Business Process Modeler) every company can create a flexible organizational system to consolidate their knowledge and operating procedures, thereby ensuring smooth collaboration both in regular and emergency situations. BPM also enables businesses to check all processes and to share documents and information with clients, suppliers and partners to improve company’s efficiency.

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Application example – Entry of Purchase Requests

Collection of different levels of signatures on purchase orders.
This application example of BPM for the Purchasing Department describes the steps for collecting the necessary signatures on Purchase Orders.
The workflow starts after defining the type of order that is to be approved:

  1. Office equipment, forniture or machines
  2. Software or hardware
  3. Goods, raw materials, semi-finished products
  4. Transport

The procedure proceeds with the different levels of signatures depending on the amount of the order. Find out more…

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Application example - Welcome Kit

Welcome Kit. This application example of BPM for the HR department describes the workflow type for managing all the activities that are carried out when someone is hired, depending on the variables that define the type of new employee: administration and bureaucratic procedures (signature of contract), generation of personal accounts for accessing all company tools (network, websites, etc.), equipment supplied by the company (company car, phone, laptop or desktop computer, etc.), welcome actions and, lastly, termination or renewal of the work contract after the probationary period.

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