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Company OVER sense is the software that allows to overcome geographical barriers and virtually share technical knowledge.

Each logged in user can show environments, plants or equipment by simply using their own device, as well as indicate or draw on their screen anything useful to highlight or show any interest points on the screen.

OVER sense is essential for businesses that supply assistance or maintenance services; real-time the collaboration between back-offices and on-site technicians, and sharing of videos and pictures of the area of intervention allows to:


take pictures and zoom in on them
send Augmented Reality pictures/ video / documents / 3D models
highlilght areas of intervention on both screens
switch between the technician’s camera and the back office’s one
select documents from QR codes / Rfid / NFC
record interventions
Company OVERsense

Augmented reality

Optimized – It works even with poor internet service thanks to the possibility to only share pictures

Multidevice – Smart phone/Smart glass/Tablet/ PC

User Interface – Features activated according to hardware

Compatible – Operating System compatible with Android 7.0 and iOS

Multi-User – Multi-user calls

Modular – Technician App / Back Office Applcation / CMS doc. management

Integrable with ERPs – Intervention reports to CRM2, documents, etc.


Efficient – Up to 65% less time for diagnosis and assistance on machines, it does not need installation and it it is multi-platform.

Cost-effective – No travel expenses to reach the client’s company, no start-up costs for new devices as it is compatible with most smartphones.

Limitless – OVER sense allows to overcome geographical barriers and virtually collaborate and share technical knowledge.

Innovative – OVER sense instantly innovates assistance and post-sale activities, thus ensuring clients’ satisfaction while also giving further responsibilities to your employees

In addition to the basic version, the C.M.S. module (Content Management System) allows the back-office to share real-time information. Pictures selected by the back office, e.g. data sheet, will be displayed on virtual panels on the side of the area framed by the technician.