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Welcoming guests and employees in a safe and professional way

Company Reception is the must-have software for tracking all guests and visitors in the company in real time. 

It can easily be used in the Cloud, and it is configured online in a few simple steps. It allows you to customize for each company check questions, logos and fields needed to manage income and expenses. 

Company Reception makes it possible to immediately get rid of paper records, to know in real time which guests are on premises and to handle any emergencies while respecting security, corporate privacy and GDPR regulations, all while conveying a highly professional and organized image to visitors. 

Record incoming/outgoing guests easily and immediately without any paper register (visitor’s register)

Monitor guests’ attendances in real time, making it also possible to have full control over emergencies

Full GDPR compliance (registration without seeing previous guests’ names)

Thanks to Company Reception, each visitor can check-in autonomously in an easy and fast way, without seeing the names of the guests that checked in previously. Also, by following the guided check-in procedure, the guest will accept the company privacy policy. 

Recurring guests can also check-in and check-out in a simplified mode by reading the supplied QR-Code. More essential information is then requested in order to fully monitor visitors’ presence (company, reason for visit, contact person, etc.). Furthermore, each company can customize the input fields of the app as desired in order to collect other additional data. 

It is also possible to notify the contact person by email to alert them of the guest’s arrival. 

Finally, the end-of-visit checkout sends the guest a thank-you email automatically. 

Simple and efficient

Company Reeception can be used in the Cloud. This means:
no installation on company server/client needed, therefore only an internet connection and a tablet are required to use it
automatic data backup
can be integrated with any company management software through the use of WEB APIs
the guest list can be accessed on the go from any device via the Internet, which is optimal in case of emergency

Configurability and safety

The Administration Portal of Company RECEPTION allows every company to configure their interface with maximum flexibility:

set the name of the company, the logo, as well as corporate colours and background pictures.
customize the fields that will have to be filled out by the guests (Name, Surname, Email Address, Company, Reason and Reference for the visit, etc.) and define their order and which ones are mandatory
enter the Privacy Policy, GDPR, etc.
manage multi-gate and multi-location 

From the same Portal, the Reception staff and the Security staff also can:

access the full guest list and the history log of the last 90 days
register check-ins and check-outs of visitors manually
export the daily guest list to an Excel file

Do you want to know more?

Download the full brochure here

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