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Compared to the European average, the number of small and medium companies that have not yet digitalized their processes and are still working with traditional tools (e.g. phone, fax, paper documents) and/or information systems that require manual operations with potentially high levels of mistakes, incompleteness and loss of information is alarmingly low.

Among the difficulties of achieving a complete digital revolution, intense work flows must also be taken into account, especially for manufacturing and logistics companies, which would incur in delays and serious standstill situations that would represent a great cost in terms of energies, time and money.

According to research conducted by Intesa SanPaolo Research on Netconsulting data, SMB will keep digitizing their processes by investing resources on digital enablers instead of conventional IT products and services.

Our Solution

Digit Company Solution combines BPM’s flexibility in managing operating workflows and Globe’s reliability in archiving all paper documents of a business. Digit Company Solution represents the perfect combination of software for starting a step-by-step digitization process and achieving immediate efficiency for your company.

Digit Company Solution


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