Digit Company Solution

Benefits of digitizing your business

Search keys specific to each document, extracted directly from the document itself or received from external services, facilitate the retrieval of documents. Each document is assigned additional information, e.g. attachments, events regarding the document, and comments.
All documents and their additional information are linked to each other in order to help retrieving and browsing through documents. Moreover, it is possible to create Links between documents that are associated to one another (e.g. orders, invoices, licenses, etc.) as well as Dossiers (similar to paper folders/dossiers).
It is also possible to customize navigation through documents and menus depending on the context.
By implementing these solutions, users will be able to access documents from more than one place, even from outside the platform.
It is also possible to integrate transaction documents related to processes, that can be accessed from the and that can be browsed through by using links and dossiers.


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