Globe is the innovative software platform developed by Arket for managing processes and information related to company documents, and for dematerializing and archiving all business documents.

Globe consists in Document Intelligence software that can adapt to the company’s organization and integrate with previously implemented business applications, thereby simplifying and controlling all document processes.

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Archive documents in an intelligent way and find them without effort

Globe allows to automatically collect and index every document of the company information system (accounts receivable, accounts payable, sales, production, quality, technical office, etc.) and any other file managed outside the company system (manuals, management documents, staff management, pictures, emails, PowerPoint presentations, etc.). Furthermore, Globe can  integrate with every installed applications (management software or specific software) by collecting and indexing all types of documents (sales, production) or other external documents (manuals, pictures, emails)

Once the documents are archived in the document software, its powerful search engine allows the user to find all necessary documents instantly by taking into account all the access settings.

Leaner and more efficient document workflows

Globe helps businesses to achieve faster and leaner company workflows, thereby allowing companies to reach new management savings by removing waste and increasing company productivity.

The integrated Workflow tool ensures effective management and control over the events that involve documents: Globe allows to manage and organize document processes while also interacting with business partners. Each user is guided to carry out the activities they have been assigned according to the order and the time set in the process.

Globe simplifies the submission of any document through the most common channels: email, certified email, link, portal, fax.

New logic of archiving and document management

The Document Intelligence platfotm Globe allows to save all your company documents following more structured logic compared to traditional management:


  • Search keys, which are extracted directly from each document or retrieved from external sources, help retrieving and browsing through documents even for external users such as clients, technicians and suppliers. The centralized control system ensures that each user is authorized to see specific documents while also allowing to monitor and register all users’ activities.
  • Each document is associated with additional information, i.e. attachments, events related to the document, and comments.
  • All documents and their information are linked to each other to facilitate carrying out search and navigation functions. In fact, it is possible to link documents that are associated to one another (e.g. linking orders, invoices, licenses, etc.) and create dossiers (similar to paper folders/dossiers).
  • Navigation through documents and menus can be customized based on the context with custom actions that can be applied on a general level or on specific documents. A special ‘Form Designer’ allows to create new pages even in a graphical way.
  • Users can access documents from more than one place, even from outside the platform.
  • Globe guarantees a pleasing user experience, as well as fast and easy learning.


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