Globe document software has been designed to guarantee maximum security in all operations involving company documents, in compliance with the provisions of the GDPR, the European data protection regulation. 

This is possible thanks to the complete configurability of the security rules, access mode and user actions, which can be managed through the Globe Console. Rules can be set up on the following levels: 

  • - different document types and their subsets
  • - specific confidentiality characteristics
  • - individual documents
  • - single document key
  • Business Partners, regarding the types of Business Partners and their contacts
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    Configurations: every single configuration item can be subject to specific authorizations, which can be useful in companies with very structured IT departments.

    Check of user activities and log

    Globe not only allows to set specific authorizations, but also to keep the activities carried out by users within the document under control: the events concerning each document are reported in detail, indicating the user involved, date, time, action. For example, when a document is sent via email through Globe, the “Events” tab shows the user who sent it, when it was sent and to whom, while also allowing to view the complete email text.   

    In addition to that, the logs also allow you to record who accessed, edited, added attachments, etc. to a specific document 

    Integration with Active Directory

    Globe allows Single Sign On “SSO” integrated with Active Directory authentication. The Domain Controllers can read automatically the imported users and their properties (emails, departments, phone, etc.) 

    Authentication procedures in Work Group and mixed mode are also supported.

    Organizational structure and authorizations

    One of the greatest challenges in the field of security is the ability to keep it correctly updated over time, an operation that might prove to be onerous and complex during organizational changes. 

    Arket provided a solution for this situation by adding a tool that allows to draw the organizational structure (organizational chart) and link it to relevant authorizations. 



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