Globe App

In addition to the Windows and web clients, Globe is also accessible through the Globe App, both from smartphone and tablet. The Globe app allows to read and manage Documents, DataView, Workflow tasks, Actions, Contacts. 

The Globe App is available both for Android on the Play Store and iOS devices on the App Store. 

Thanks to the Globe App, you will be able to access your documents at any time and to have full control over processes, wherever you are, whenever you need them. 

Managing documents through the Globe app

The “Documents” section of the app allows to open, manage and search for any documents hosted by the Globe platform. 

By opening a document in the Globe App, it is possible to carry out the following actions: 

  • Viewing and carrying out the tasks of the workflows linked to the document, and viewing the history of previous tasks 
  • Carrying out customized “Actions” for each specific document template (e.g. send emails, sign documents, etc.) 
  • Viewing: 
  • Document ownership 
  • Related dossiers 
  • Related DataView 
  • Attachments 
  • Signed copies 
  • Related events 
  • Links to other related documents  

It is also possible to: 

  • Add documents to the favorite list 
  • Download the document 
  • Share the document with external apps 
  • Send the document via email 
  • View the contact associated to the document 


Through the app it is possible to launch customized actions that can be set up from the Globe Console. 

For example, it is possible to set up an action that allows to take pictures of the packages to send through the Globe app, read the associated barcode, and enter any additional information. 

Furthermore, it is also possible to take one or more pictures of a document to scan it: the Globe App creates a PDF file containing all the pages scanned through the camera. Pictures can be straightened and optimized, as well as sorted and modified through the App integrated editor. 

It is also possible to use the geolocation functions of the actions to record users’ locations: this function always proves to be very useful when tracking staff attendance. 

The App allows to configure other types of actions: it is possible to make specific actions available so that employees can enter holiday requests, generate intervention reports or plan activities at clients’ premises. 

Actions that have already been uploaded at least once when the device was connected to the Internet can be launched even offline. The action is added to the queue and is then processed automatically when internet connection becomes available again. 

Management of workflow tasks

The “Pending Tasks” section contains all the workflow tasks that have been assigned or can be assigned to the user. It is also possible to apply filters to this section (by task type, time, etc.). 

As for documents, it is also possible to search for tasks using different research keys (e.g. the company the task is linked to, document name, date, etc.) 

When a task is selected, the screen is split into two sections: 

  • The upper part contains all the information regarding the document related to the task and the actions that can be carried out by users for the selected task (e.g. take on task, assign task to colleague, enter report, sign through link, etc.). Furthermore, if the selected task is part of a complex workflow, the previous step of the workflow is also shown. 
  • The lower part contains a preview of the PDF document. 

It is also possible to view the previous tasks history, with indications of what types of tasks have been carried out, by whom, and when, and to open the documents linked to the selected task. 

Contacts and data

From the “Contacts” section it is possible to access the data stored in Globe. Like in the traditional client, contacts are divided by type (e.g. Clients, Employees, Suppliers, Prospects, etc.). 

Once the contact has been selected, besides being able to view all the information contained in the database, it is also possible to carry out the following fast actions: 

  • Starting a call to the saved number from the device being used 
  • Sending an email from the email app 
  • Geolocating addresses and opening them in navigation apps (e.g. Google Maps) 
  • Viewing documents linked to the contact, divided by type 

It is also possible to view the information about other operational offices of the contacts, other associated contacts and their details (e.g. company role, email, phone, etc.) and other additional information related to the contact. 


Dossiers are the digital equivalent of paper folders and can be managed through the Globe App just like from the Windows Client. Select a Dossier and all the contained documents will be shown, divided by type (e.g. client calls, contracts, user licenses, orders, invoices, etc.). 

It is also possible to view Dossiers and DataView linked to the selected dossier, any available actions, and the data of the contact the dossier is linked to. 


The Globe App allows to open and view DataView, which are graphical and interactive representations of the information contained both in the document keys and in external data sources. 

The types of DataView that can be opened through the Globe App are the following: 

  • Data table: filters and sorting orders can be applied; it is possible to group the data through drag&drop. Groupings and filters applied to the table are also applied to the graphs. 
  • Graphs: the available types are the same as the Windows client, i.e. pie, bar, line charts, etc. Users can select different levels for the data: focus on specific data by tapping on the related part of the graph (for example, by selecting product X, it is possible to see how many activities have been carried out for each person related to that product). 
  • It is also possible to zoom in or out of a graph and scroll along the index bar to view more data. All graphs can be completely customized from the Globe Console. 

Globe App minimum requirements

Minimum requirements for Android:

  • Android – last 3 major release 
  • Internet connection (for first installation and subsequent updates) 
  • Camera 
  • Access to Google Play Store 
  • At least 2 GB of RAM (4 GB recommended) 

Minimum requirements for iOS:

  • iOS 12 – last 3 major release 
  • Internet connection (for first installation and subsequent updates) 
  • Access to App Store 

To always guarantee maximum security of company documents, in order to install the Globe APP it is required to have an SSL certificate issued by a recognized authority (e.g. RapidSSL). 


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