Globe web client

Globe can be accessed from web client from Chrome, Safari, Firefox and Edge. 

From the web client it is possible to conveniently manage documents and processes from your own browser, even when you cannot connect to the company network or don’t have your own workstation available. 

Create a document with Globe Web

The web client allows to create new documents from a template (Word, Excel, etc.), import a document from your own computer (also through Drag&Drop) or automatically generate documents from the data entered in specific forms. 

Search for a document in Globe Web

The Globe search engine allows to search for items freely or by applying filters, and to search globally or within a specific document type. 

Read and manage documents via Globe Web

Like in the desktop client, by selecting a document from the list, it is possible to see its preview, any associated tasks, other linked documents, dossiers that contain the document, attachments and linked events (e.g. send document via email) .

Once the document is open, from one single window it is possible to: 

  • View the document 
  • See its Dossier  
  • View the linked DataView  
  • Send the document via email thanks to the advanced module for submitting documents (which allows to send the original document or a PDF copy, create zip files, share via link with tracking, etc.) 
  • Download the document 
  • View and modify the properties of the document (key list) 
  • Launch the actions for the specific document type 
  • View the signed copy of the document
  • Modify the document locally or in Cloud (Dropbox and Onedrive) 

Manage the workflow tasks from Globe Web

Globe web client allows to view and manage the tasks in progress just like in the desktop version of the software. When a task is selected, all the available actions are displayed, and its history can be opened and viewed. 

View and manage data and contacts

From Globe web, just like from the desktop and app versions, it is possible to view and manage data and contacts. 

From the contacts’ data, it is possible not only to see all the related information (general data, operational units/locations, contacts, additional information), but also to quickly see all documents, dossiers and DataViews related to that contact and to launch specific custom actions. 


Just like in the desktop client, from Globe Web it is possible to open and read Dataview by applying filters on the data and selecting different analysis levels on the information. 

Per garantire sempre la massima sicurezza nella gestione dei documenti aziendali e massimizzare le prestazioni, per l’utilizzo del client Web Globe è inoltre prerequisito necessario possedere un certificato SSL rilasciato da una authority riconosciuta (es. RapidSSL).


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