Barcode Scanning

Archiving of documents through barcodes

Digitally collecting and archiving paper documents is now more effortless, automatic and efficient with Globe, thanks to the barcode scanning function.

Globe can recognize any barcodes stamped on the documents, thus associating the scanned document to the entry or loading record made in the company information system.

The software integrates with every management software, ERP or company information system, thereby automatically retrieving the information to archive documents (e.g. company name, date, VAT number, expiration date, etc.).

How does the archiving through barcodes work?

The procedure for archiving through barcodes consists in a simple series of steps:

  • First, Globe prints out the labels containing the barcodes specific to the type of document that is to be archived (e.g. DN, purchase invoices, etc.)
  • The labels are applied to the first page of the document, even without any specific order.
  • The document is registered in the information system (along with the barcode in a specific field of the management software)
  • All registered documents are collected through the scanner and sent to Globe
  • Globe recognizes the barcode and automatically archives the scanned document in the right section
  • Since the barcode has been registered in the management software, Globe can automatically retrieve the document information directly from the software.

Globe also automatically generates connections between correlated documents (e.g. it connects the invoice with the corresponding DN).

Barcodes can be applied automatically to every document generated through Globe, so that Globe can recognize documents that are printed to be filled out and signed and then scanned again, and associate them to the original document already registered in the software.


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