Data View Tool 

Data View Tool

When dealing with business documents, it is essential to be able to analyze the information and any related processes through graphs and histograms.
The Data View tool integrated in our document software Globe allows you to graphically and interactively represent the information both in the document keys and in external data sources, creating dashboards or indicators in a simple and intuitive way.
The user will be able to “explore” the data by choosing how much detail should be entered, thanks to the multiple expansion levels of the graphs. Moreover, Globe allows to apply filters to analyze only specific subsets of data. 

The Data View can be linked to Dossiers (thus allowing to create charts linked to specific clients or suppliers) and to document types (e.g. creating a chart linked to a non-conformity).

Users also can view and read DataView through the Globe app on smartphone or tablet. 

Strumento di Data View


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