Dispatch of documents 

Dispatch of documents

Document Intelligence software Globe includes a powerful engine for dispatching documents that can handle both manual and automatic dispatch flows, including scheduling. 

Documents can be sent via: 

Traditional emails
Emails that contain a document download link. This option allows to monitor whether the document is opened by the recipient, receive an alert message if the recipient has not clicked on the link within a certain date, set an expiration date for the link or the maximum number it can be clicked on before being deactivated
Certified emails that allow to automatically manage and archive acceptance/delivery/failure to delivery receipts. Globe also checks that the address of the recipient is a certified email address too, thereby ensuring legal validity
Postage, by integrating with external providers
Company portal
Fax by using external fax servers

Globe also allows the user to choose whether to send the original document, a PDF copy (if the document is generated through Office templates), a signed copy or whether to group more than one document by compressing them into a ZIP archive. 

If other documents or emails have been attached to the selected document, the user can choose whether and which of these attachments are to be sent with it.  

The user can also easily choose the recipients among Globe users, contacts from the Outlook address book or contacts from the Globe client database. 

Spedizione dei documenti


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