Document archiving

Document archiving

Globe allows to collect and archive both digital and paper documents in an easy and efficient way.

The sources which Globe can retrieve documents from are:

  • File system
  • Scanner (twain or multifunction printer)
  • Email or Certified Email connectors
  • MS Office
  • Email clients
  • Other software from the Arket’s document suite, Sendy and Station, through specific integrations
  • Virtual printer
  • WebServices
  • Drag & Drop from local or network folders, from email client, etc.
Archiviazione documentale

Once the documents have been collected, they can be organized in the document repository by being assigned specific types or search keys. The latter can be extracted from the document itself or from external data sources (e.g. management software database, index files, etc.).

By assigning search keys to the documents, it is possible to search for documents in a quick and easy way: thanks to Globe’s powerful search engine, you will always find the right document at the right time!

Globe also allows to set and manage the expiration and validity date of the documents. To do so, it allows to set alerts and automatic workflows that are triggered when the document reaches its expiration date.

Setting expiration dates for documents facilitates compliance to the GDPR, which requires companies to set specific policies for the duration of processing and retention of personal data. According to the GDPR, after the set period of time, the collected data must be deleted.

All documents that have been archived in Globe can be accessed also from smartphone and tablet through the Globe App: this app lets you search, view and easily manage your documents whenever you want, wherever you are.


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