Document distribution

Document distribution

Globe provides a feature for the distribution of documents, which allows the company departments to massively distribute documents and to monitor whether and when these documents are opened by other users.

When one of the departments (e.g. administration, sales, marketing, human resources, etc.) needs to distribute a document, it has to follow a simple series of steps:


Click on the document to be distributed with the right button of the mouse and select the ‘Documents distribution’ function


Select the recipients, which can be single users or distribution lists. The lists are self-powered, therefore the users contained in the list are updated automatically through association with the Active Directory groups.


Proceed to distribution. Globe allows to enter notes that will then appear in the email notification that will be sent automatically to all recipients. The document can also be opened in the browser by clicking on the link contained in the notification email, without having to access Globe.


If a document is distributed another time, it is possible to choose to send it to new users only.


Once distributed, the document is associated with a distribution event: by clicking on the event, the user can view all distribution details (e.g. who opened the document and when).


By clicking on the distributed document with the right button of the mouse and selecting the menu item ‘Documents distribution’ – ‘Distribution results’, it will be possible to see all the results of the distributions associated with that specific document.

Globe allows to effortlessly monitor distributed documents in two different ways:

  • Documents for me: in this section, each user can see the documents that he/she has been sent.
  • Distributed documents: in this section, the user can see the documents that he/she has distributed and a preview of their status.

Globe also allows to cancel a distribution both for entire distribution lists and for single users: by canceling a distribution, the selected users or lists will not be able to see the documents that they had been previously sent.


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