Generation of PDF documents 

Generation of PDF documents

Document software Globe includes an innovative designer that allows to create PDF documents from information entered in specific software forms or from external sources (e.g. DataBase, File System, FTP, WebServices, etc.) 

Application examples of the PDF designer

1. Generation of intervention reports, final balances of activities at the clients’ premises and employees’ expense reports 

The PDF generation module can be used for the generation of intervention reports and the following accounting of the activities carried out at the clients’ premises or any expenses incurred during business trips, thereby simplifying the monthly reimbursement request process both for the employee and the company during the invoicing of activities. 

  1. Every time employees are carrying out activities off-site, they can use this function and fill out a special form, by selecting the client (relevant information such as the address will be extracted from the Globe database) and entering the details concerning the activities carried out.
  2. Once the activity has been completed, employees can fill out the final report by adding details about travel (travel by own car or company car, point of departure and arrival, etc.), food and accommodation (costs paid in advance by the employee for food, accommodation, etc. that are to be reimbursed).
  3. Globe will collect this information and create a PDF file that summarizes the activity. This intervention report is then to be signed by the client for approval and confirmation.
  4. At the end of the month it is possible to automatically generate a PDF containing the details of all the reimbursement due to the employee for the month in question, aggregating the information of all the activities of said month. 
2. Generation of vacation/leave/sickness requests

Another application example of the automatic PDF generation feature is represented by the management of holidays/permits requested by the staff: employees can use one of Globe special forms to send in a request for holidays/work leave/sick leave. The software then automatically generates a PDF document containing all details (day, time, reason for the request, approval or rejection of the request). In addition, it is possible to set up a workflow that will notify the HR manager when the request is entered, so that they can approve or reject it.

Generation of PDF documents


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