Link / Dossier

Link & Dossier

Creating links between documents in Globe

When managing company documents, it is often necessary to associate different documents of the same process. A typical example is represented by order confirmations, which are associated with delivery notes and invoices.

Creating link chains between related documents in the software allows to navigate and read documents in a much faster and orderly manner. For this purpose, Globe manages automatic and manual generation of connections between documents through the Link function.

In case of management documents, namely documents for accounts receivables and payables, links between documents already exist within the management software itself and therefore Globe will be able to read such information to create specific structures. In other cases, it is possible to quickly create links manually.

When sending a document, these links can prove very useful, as they allow to rapidly send entire blocks of linked documents (e.g. order confirmations, signed delivery notes, sale invoices).

Creating digital ‘dossiers’ with Globe

In addition to the link between documents, Globe also includes the concept of ‘dossiers’: dossiers consist in a group of different documents linked to one another by certain features (e.g. documents related to specific Business Partners or clients, documents regarding products with a specific serial or matrix code, etc.). In fact, Dossiers allow to replace paper folders and dossiers traditionally used for the management of documents.

Within dossiers, documents are organized by document type (e.g. offers, orders, licenses, technical documents, etc.). Different types of dossiers are linked automatically if the same document belongs to different dossiers.

By using document dossiers, it is easier to comply with the right to erasure of the GDPR, which requires that data subjects have the right to request the deletion of all their data: Globe can automatically collect all documents regarding a certain data subject in a dossier, thereby providing quick search, consultation and deletion functions for the documents contained in it.


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