MS Office Documents

Management of Office documents

Plenty of unstructured documents, such as Word and Excel documents, are produced within companies. Globe is the software for document management that can produce, manage and organize all these documents in a structured way.

Globe is provided with a native integration with MS Office that allows to standardize and accelerate the generation of documents: for example, when creating a new document from a document model (e.g. sale offer), by selecting the client, some of its fields will be filled out automatically with the information of the Globe clients database.

Globe also allows to manage file versions and formal updates (e.g. documentation about procedures or manuals) and to automatically generate the PDF file, which can be used to send the document.

A specific module applies barcodes on the first page of the PDF file. Through this function it is possible to automatically scan a sale offer, signed and stamped by the client (management of signed copy).


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