Registration of documents

Registration of documents

Registration of documents is one of the functions of Globe. Registering documents means creating a unique record by assigning them an ID code (both for incoming and outgoing documents) when they are entered in Globe.

Registration of incoming documents

Globe allows to register incoming documents in two ways, depending on their format (paper or digital):

  • If the document has been received in paper form, Globe will print a label containing a barcode, the registration number, registration date and other configurable information. The label will be applied on the first page of the document, which will then be scanned.
  • If the document has been received via email, it will be saved in digital form in Globe, which will then assign the document a registration number.

Incoming documents can then be distributed among recipients: Globe sends notifications for each document to the right recipient, who will then be able to carry out the required actions and, lastly, report its completion. If a document is sent to the wrong recipient, the latter can reject the document and report the anomaly to the distributor through Globe.

Registration of outgoing documents

As for the registration of outgoing documents, through Globe it is possible to set a specific Workflow that guides users to carry out actions for the registration and submission of documents.

For example, when creating a document from a model, the document is saved as a draft. When the document is ready and can be sent, the user must set the document status to ‘definitive’ and start the process for the assignment of a registration number. The workflow ends with the submission of the registered document.

Anyway, Globe keeps track of the process time of every phase.


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