Signing documents

Signing documents

Globe manages all phases of the life cycle of a document, from its generation to the signature and submission.

By allowing to sign digitally stored documents, Globe makes it possible to avoid using paper for documents that require signing: this makes the management of documents much easier and allows to fully digitize the processes that involve documents.

Globe supports different signing methods:

Basic Signature

To sign a document with a basic signature, use the Globe App and trace your signature on your smartphone or tablet: Globe will scan the picture and then will apply it in the correct section of the document.

Digital Signature

Digital Signatures represent the electronic equivalent of handwritten signatures on paper, which gives the document full legal validity. Digital signature is the result of a digital procedure (validation) that grants digital documents:

authenticity, by guaranteeing the identity of the signer
integrity, thereby ensuring that the document has not been changed after being signed
non-repudiation, which means that it cannot be repudiated by the signer since the digital signature gives the document full legal validity

Digital signatures are based on an asymmetrical system of key pairs, a public one and a private one:

  • The private key allows the holder to generate a digital signature and to show the origin and the integrity of the digital document
  • The public key allows the recipient to verify the authenticity of the signature

Types of digital signatures

Globe allows to apply Digital Signatures on documents in two different ways:

  • Application of digital signature on a single document through USB pen or smart card
  • Massive remote digital signature: after the specific procedure for the release of one or more certificate of massive signature, the company does not need to use the pen drive or the smart card, as the key will be saved on a safe server that can be reached remotely. This way, large volumes of documents can be signed in a massive and automatic way (e.g. electronic sale invoices to be submitted to the ES) through safe and encrypted communication with Arket’s server, specifically developed for this purpose.

Graphometric signature

One of the modules of Globe allows to apply an advanced graphometric digital signature to the documents.

Users can sign the document through a special digital board: the module will collect the biometric data associated to the signature (time, place, pressure of each pressure point of the pen). These data are securely encrypted and attached to the document, thereby exclusively connecting the signer and the document itself.

Graphometric signatures are useful for Delivery Notes (DN) as they allow to eliminate the need to use paper documents, instantly store the signed document and generate completely automatic and digital workflows.

The carrier can sign the DN through the digital board: the signature will be applied to the document and the specific Globe module will import the signed document as a copy of the original one.


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