Web portal module for clients and suppliers 

Web portal module for clients and suppliers

Globe’s Document Intelligence software also offers a Web Portal module, which allows you to interact and exchange documents with users that work outside the company quickly and easily. 

In fact, the portal module allows document management to be extended to the customer and to the supply chain not only giving external visibility of documents, but also allowing Business Processes to be extended. 

The portal is highly customizable, and the interface can be branded with the company logo. 

Here are some examples of what the portal web can be used for: 

Providing each client with the documents that concern them (e.g. invoices, delivery notes, orders, intervention reports, certificates, etc.), so that he can search, read and download them at any time.
Allowing customers to independently open a non-conformity or a return request
Allowing suppliers to enter the estimated delivery date for specific order documents
Setting up a technical assistance portal that allows clients to enter assistance requests

Discover how to streamline Requests for Quotations with the Globe portal

The management of Requests for Quotations can be simplified by using the Globe portal: the Purchases department can enter a Request for Quotation into Globe, which will automatically generate an email for the supplier containing a link to the request. 

Suppliers will be redirected to the portal, where they can upload their offer directly. 



In order to always guarantee maximum security when managing company documents, to use the client/supplier portal it is necessary to have an SSL certificate issued by a recognized authority (e.g. RapidSSL). 

Modulo portale web per clienti e fornitori


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