Document platform Globe can integrate with every ERP, management software and information system already in use in your company. Its integration ability allows Globe to automatically communicate and exchange information and documents with other software products, both for outgoing and incoming documents. This way, Globe makes it possible to access all company documents from one single point, thus eliminating the need to continuously move from one application to another. 

Globe users will not have to worry about manually importing documents and data from one software to another: Globe automatically manages the exchange, without any need for users to perform additional actions. 

Thanks to tools such as connectors, scripting environments, web services and the Agent module, Globe allows to implement customized integrations that best fit the needs of your business: 

Connectors: the application component that allows to retrieve documents from automatic flows, coming from folders on File System, Twain Scanners, emails or certified emails, or from Windows Printers
Scripting Environment: Globe provides a powerful scripting environment that allows you to adapt the product to your needs, while maintaining full compatibility with future versions
Web Services: the application server provides a suite of Web Services useful for integration with third-party applications. It is also possible to publish other completely configurable Web Services using the Globe Console and the scripting environment
Agent: Agent is a module that allows documents or operations on them to be called from any other Windows application or from RPG/RPGLE applications.


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