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The Partner Program is a training program on Sales Techniques that focuses mainly on Digit Company Solutions and that emphasizes not only the importance of commercial offers, but also how essential it is to share methods and results. 

The program is designed for Digit Company Partners and is aimed at those who work on sales strategies and operations. 

Events schedule

1 April 2022

9.30 AM / 1.30 PM
The importance of stimulating inputs during negotiations

1 May 2022

9.30 AM / 1.30 PM
How communication works

1 June 2022

9.30 AM / 1.30 PM
How to reach a “confidential” relationship with clients to motivate them to reach a strategic agreement

1 July 2022

9.30 AM / 1.30 PM
Which questions to ask to deal with clients

1 September 2022

9.30 AM / 1.30 PM
Negotiation processes

Events and webinars

Digit Company’s Partner Program offers many formative opportunities to all Digit Company partners. 
It will be possible to take part in: 

  • Events dedicated to Partners’ clients with different and useful contents 
  • Webinars focused on Digit Company Solutions 

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