3Tech operates in the IT systems field by designing system models and supplying support services for the management of “core” projects of small and medium businesses, by defining necessary procedures, applications and tech tools.
Their mission is to guide companies towards their future, assisting them with challenges posed by market dynamics in an efficient and effective way.
3TECH Group works alongside its clients to carry out in-depth analyses of any changes in terms of organization, applications and technology, and then it guides them to make the necessary changes.


Area of Expertise

  • ERP and Vertical Market Software
  • Department Software
  • Web Applications
  • Technological Infrastructures

Vertical Market Software

3Tech is responsible of an important project aimed to specialize the Impresa24 solution for the most complex production sectors: thanks to this project, PNEUS24 and MOLD24, and, in collaboration with other Partners, CANTINA24 have been developed. This way, the offer of software for distribution companies has been improved and expanded, and the commercial presence has been reinforced.

  • PNEUS24
  • MOLD24


Via Achille Grandi, 3
60131 Ancona (AN)
Tel 800 950 601 – Fax 071 2210183