Antys s.r.l. is a software house located on the coast of Lazio region, in southern Italy. Its goal is to provide their clients with high-quality software at an accessible price.
Their sale policy is intentionally aimed at satisfying the needs of small and medium businesses, which makes it possible for Antys to design targeted and effective solutions with the collaboration of its own clients.

Thanks to its approach, Antys is able to fulfill its clients’ every request for new functions or better usability. Antys s.r.l. always considers new proposals of collaboration with companies in the sector.


Antys also provides full training for using the software to its client companies’ personnel.

Area of Expertise

  • Management Software / ERP
  • IT consulting
  • Assembling of hardware
  • Assistance on computers
  • Installation of networks and wireless networks
  • Supply of office machines
  • Multimedia products and presentations
  • Website and portal development
  • Digitization of documents


Via Romana 45
00048 Nettuno-Rome (RM)
Tel. 069 805089