D.I.V. Informatica

D.I.V. Informatica is a young and dynamic service company located in Naples that operates in the Information & Communication Technology field. This company really pays attention to its clients’ needs in terms of short-term goals and future, long-terms technological scenarios.

D.I.V. Informatica was founded in 2006 by a partner of Mediterranea Data Processing srl, an important IT services company that has been operating both on the local and the national market since the early 70s. Over the past few years, D.I.V. Informatica has rapidly developed, thus reaching an important position among the ICT companies of Campania, a region in southern Italy.


D.I.V. Informatica’s staff can boast over twenty years of experience, which allows them to offer completely integrated solutions that not only include hardware and software systems, but which also grant all the necessary support services for your projects, with well-studied, skillfully planned, completely tailored activities to satisfy every type of need. Company’s motto is “executing with maximum professionalism, producing in certain times”

Area of Expertise

  • ICT products and services
  • Networking & Security
  • Development
  • Domotics


D.I.V. Informatica
Viale Colli Aminei 124
80134 Naples (NA)
Tel 081 7705337