Datapro comprises a management consulting team (specialized in data protection, compliance with GDPR and DPO functions, and 27001 certifications) and a company executive board made up of sector experts (IT Manager, Risk Manager, Quality Manager, HR, Legal).

Datapro helps companies to achieve regulatory compliance and the desired security level, and to plan the implementation of periodic checks of process efficiency. Datapro’s certificates include the ISO/IEC T17024:2012 certification and the Lead Auditor ISO 27001:2013.


Datapro’s mission is to improve data protection, ensure data Confidentiality, Availability and Integrity, limit financial damage and intellectual property infringement. Datapro guides executive boards in achieving regulatory compliance and appropriate security levels for business development.

Datapro turns regulatory requirements into opportunities for companies by applying a method that integrates the new EU regulation EU 2016/679, quality system ISO 9001:2015, the corporate administrative liability law (231/2001) and the management system for information security ISO 27001:2013. This way, Datapro is able to avoid procedure redundancies and to ensure long-term regulatory compliance, while also suggesting necessary improvements.


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