DPConsulenze is a young, dynamic company that has progressively succeeded and grown in the IT sector thanks to its team’s wide and diversified experience.

DPConsulenze is always oriented to technological innovation in many sectors such as consultancy, IT assistance, multimedia, development of management software, design of all types of websites, from the simplest to the most articulate ones.


Although DPConsulenze rapidly grew through the expansion of its client base, what it stands out for among other companies working in this sector is its fast decision-making, the direct and personal relationships with its clients and its maximum efficiency in creating diverse IT solutions designed to achieve set goals, which are attained also thanks to the collaboration with sector experts.

DPConsulenze has gained an unrivalled reputation thanks to the trusted relationship with customers, which allows to work in a serious and professional way on a continuous basis, in order to fully satisfy the clients’ every need.

Area of Expertise

  • Structured and integrated processes
  • Digital Strategy & Marketing
  • Websites
  • Software Solution & Implementation
  • IT / ICT Cloud & Telco



Via Pordenone 17, 20132 Milan
E-Mail: info@dpconsulenze.com
Phone Numbers:

Milano:02 87186074 r.a.
Bergamo:035 0666639
Monza:039 9466905
Novara:0321 1696324