LYS is based on the belief that, in terms of customer satisfaction, implementing, improving, and constantly adapting the company IT and organizational system is even more important than the IT system itself. The 20-year-long experience of LYS’ founders has allowed them to recognize and select resources that can “make a difference”. While it is true that LYS is a young company, its consultants can boast an average of 15-year-long experience in this sector.

LYS’ resources deal with the organization and re-organization of organizing company processes and workflows, in particular with understanding, suggesting, and implementing organizational and IT solutions. In such a turbulent time for economy, it is fundamental for many companies not only to re-think the ways in which they work and organize processes, but also to change, simplify and boost their production and distribution system, as well as improve the communication methods. More simply, it is necessary to re-think their entire business. Each phase and each crisis and turbulence period bring about change, and with that, opportunities for improving.


LYS is an Italian company that was founded with the goal to meet the needs of companies of different types and sectors by offering a wide range of management platforms (Microsoft Dynamics, AX/NAV, Baan and SAP among the international ones, Diapason by Gruppo Formula as for the Italian ones). This choice was based on the belief that there are no “best” products, only effective combination between the needs of a certain type of company working in a certain sector by combining different platforms with different characteristics.

LYS’ people mix their knowledge to provide proper support to companies that start informatization processes thanks to a solid structure that includes over 40 resources divided among different regions of Italy (Piedmont, Lombardy, Emilia-Romagna, Tuscany, and Latium).

LYS’s goal is to understand and interpret the needs and the struggles of companies that heavily invest in management IT systems but do not achieve the estimated results by adopting a rational and practical approach. LYS believes that the management issues of a company can be solved by resources that are competent in that specific sector and knowledgeable about the most popular management platforms.

Area of Expertise

  • Application management
  • New installations
  • Business Intelligence



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