Progres Informatica

Progres Informatica has worked in the ERP sector alongside small and medium companies since 1982 thanks to its knowledgeable and specialized staff, which has always put great care in satisfying clients’ needs.

Progres Informatica aims to become a fully certified consulting company that can assist clients in analyzing issues, creating procedures for internal organization of every type of company, and in optimizing the development and testing of software.

Progres Informatica

Progres Informatica’s mission has always been to get to know each one of their clients and to cooperate on solving any actual issues or needs, with the purpose of constant collaboration and communication and, ultimately, the clients’ satisfaction.

The range of products and services offered, the constant evolution and update of its software solutions, the timely assistance and the opportunity to customize programs according to the issues specific to each client make Progres Informatica an exclusive partner.

Progres Informatica is very involved in the system and computer fields. The company pays special attention to the management of smart working in complete safety, not only in terms of secure connections for company servers through VPN, multi-factor authentications, etc., but also for phone and telematic connection of the staff, thereby providing a single-interface global service for its clients to access the IT world.

Progres Informatica represents a reliable partner that can help its clients grow by establishing professional relationships based on mutual trust.

Area of Expertise

  • Organizational and system IT consulting
  • Customized software solutions
  • Management Software / ERP
  • Business Intelligence
  • Supply of Hardware and Networking
  • Technical Assistance


  • Manufacturing companies
  • Wholesale and retail trade
  • Services for businesses
  • Outpatient and physiotherapy services


Progres Informatica
Via G.B. Cacciamali 61/i
25125 Brescia (BS)
Tel 030 2421524