Qubit Srl operates in the high-tech services and communication field.

The company employs professionals with over twenty years of experience in the IT sector. Their mission is to provide their clients with the best software solutions that can be fully integrated with their organization processes. The company’s goal is to assist clients from the start-up by supplying user-friendly solutions that allow them to minimize learning times and achieve full control over company processes.

Thanks to its knowledgeable and skillful consultants who are always available to solve the clients’ problems in a timely manner, Qubit srl can pride itself on its top-quality assistance service.


Area of Expertise

  • Management Software / ERP
  • Payroll / HR Software
  • Integrated Software for professional firms
  • Tailored solutions
  • Invoicing for PA
  • Cloud Computing
  • Privacy/Anti-money laundering


  • Small and Medium businesses
  • Accounting firms / Processing centers
  • Career counselors / HR Specialist
  • Start-Up


Via Vittorio Lugli, 4/ABCD
40129 Bologna (BO)
Tel 051 0195363 – Fax 051 0195362
Email commerciale@qubitsrl.it